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April 25, 2010

It’s crazy how things in life transpire. This week we there has been two great losses in the world of hip hop. You all know we lost Guru of Gang Starr on Monday. And now this Saturday we lost a true treasure. DJ HIDEO, a truly great individual. He has been a staple of the […]


April 25, 2010


The Mind Tactics Show on 102.7 DA BOMB!!!!

April 23, 2010

So no matter how it went down, the show is now on KDDB 102.7 DA BOMB… We don’t need to go into details on why i left and moved the show here. The main thing is Hawaii still has a creative outlet for Hip Hop, and a VOICE. This weeks show is dedicated to the […]


April 19, 2010

Thank you for stopping by the new blog.  I will be posting new Mind Tactics shows here weekly, plus be on the look out for free downloads of special remixes as well as new exclusives from Flip The Bird Entertainment.