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The Angry Mind Tactics Show 01-12-13

Locals Only Album Front Cover

This past week I did what I have never done before.  I let someone take over my entire show.  My homies The Angry Locals.  Krystiles, Big Mox, and DJ Technique took control of the set and rocked it.  I sum what supervised with a frosty beverage, and chimed in on a couple of breaks.  All respect due to Osna, and Mic3 who couldn’t make it.  Make sure you check out their reverbnation page.  As well as pick up their new album.


The Mind Tactics Intro = Rhymefest
Fund Raiser
Ku Ali (What It Is)
Ric Flair
Locals Only
Thanos Feat. K-Luv
Collapse Slow Feat. K-Luv
Scratch Nawts Feat. DJ Packo, DJ Revise, DJ Braddah Os & DJ Technique
Flip The Angry Bird Feat. Tassho Pearce
Man Of Your Dreams
Flight Headed
Bombah Feat. Camile Velasco
Killa Chemistry
Hawaii Four Oh
Why You Gotta Lie



Angry Locals CD Release Party

Angry Locals CD Release Party

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