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Mind Tactics 12-31-11

This Holiday season has officially kicked my ass…  I am so glad it is almost over.  After January 8th I can finally slow down just a bit and get back to my regular schedule.  Sorry for all the delay’s, but at least this MTS show is up earlier than the last two.  Have a safe New Years Eve, and all the best to you and your families, friends, & haters.  Thank you for your continued support of Mind Tactics and me.  I truly appreciate everything.  LOVE YOUR LIFE, AND STAY BLESSED, NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN YOU DESERVE. 


  1. The Mind Tactics Intro  =  Rhymefest
  2. Special Lady  =  Mo illa Pilla’s
  3. Kill’em  =  Ill Hill Society
  4. Take The Crown  =  Creed Chameleon, Mic Phenom, & Tassho Pearce
  5. Hip Hop Anthem  =  Goldawn Chyld, & The Grouch
  6. Starship  =  Tassho Pearce
  7. I Need Your Company  =  Prie ft. Young Matt
  8. Escape  =  Kwalified, Dice, & Young Matt
  9. Endless Waltz  =  Jon Cozy
  10. Sure Shot Love  =  Maryanne Ito
  11. Spaceman Spliff  =  Sirenz
  12. Rollin Stoned  =  K-Luv & Pro
  13. The World Is Cold  =  Prie ft. Creed Chameleon
  14. Shaka Back  =  Tassho Pearce, Fortilive, & Wun
  15. Definition Of a Hustla  =  C. Gutta
  16. Goin Down  =  Los
  17. One Of Those Days  =  Pro ft. Dayvon
  18. Hometown  =  Bombz
  19. Good Problem  =  Tassho Pearce, Murs, Omega Cix, & Creed Chameleon
  20. On My Briefcase  =  Samon Dynasty
  21. Working Out There  =  Monarx
  22. Flip The Angry Bird  =  Angry Locals ft. Tassho Pearce
  23. Salt Lake  =  Kaipo Kapua ft. Bladez White & Prophit


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