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Mind Tactics 12-10-11

Angry Locals performing at The Shack Waikiki

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with three of the four member group The Angry Locals.  My homies Krystilez, Big Mox, & Osna came through the show and chopped it up like we were sitting around drinking a few.  Go to their site and get their new flash drive that has their NEW LosWages Tour DVD, as well as the Album and their other projects.  Enjoy the show.


  1. Mind Tactics Intro  =  Copywrite
  2. Collapse Slow  =  Angry Locals ft. K-Luv
  3. The Life of Kings  =  Phonte, ft. Evidence
  4. On My Briefcase  =  Samoan Dynasty
  5. Angry Locals Interview pt. 1
  6. Done Deal  =  Angry Locals
  7. Things I Couldn’t Say  =  Dice
  8. Why Stop Now  =  Busta Rhymes ft. Chris Brown
  9. Strange Clouds  =  B.O.B. ft. Lil Wayne
  10. Angry Locals Interview pt. 2
  11. Celebrate  =  Common
  12. Can’t Let Go  =  Sylen ft. Maryanne
  13. Demigodz is back  =  Demigodz
  14. Angry Locals Interview pt. 3
  15. Last Love  =  Problem
  16. Just Like That  =  KRS-One
  17. Flip The Angry Birds  =  Angry Locals ft. Tassho Pearce
  18. Angry Locals Interview pt. 4
  19. Rick Flare  =  Angry Locals
  20. Let me in  =  Krystilez
  21. Angry Locals Interview pt. 5
  22. Living My Life  =  Angry Locals ft. Camile Vallasco
  23. Angry Locals Interview pt. 6
  24. Slumz  =  C-Gutta


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