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Mind Tactics 12-03-11

DJ Bronson... Rest In Paradise Brother.


It’s the start of another month…  Are we all ready for the Holiday Season?  I know I’m not in the so called spirit yet.  This show is dedicated to My Bumsquad brother from Croatia DJ Bronson you will be greatly missed homey.  I personally did not know DJ Bronson, but he is apart of my Bumbsquad DJ family.  I know my homeys Phatt Philly, & Dave Jam must be buggin out.  All the best to my Croatian Bums, and Bronson’s family, and close friends.

Tonight’s Mind Tactics show also features my homeys from Salt Lake….  Slapp Symphony is a production duo featuring Let-T-Let & Westbrook.  Their new project Drown’em In Beats, Save’em With Rhymes, is a collaboration with The Nocturnal Sound Crew.   It has been a pleasure to feature their music on Mind Tactics over the years.  I am truly a fan of their work and it was a pleasure to sit down with family and break bread on the show.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had an interview on the show, so bear with me. hahah… 


  1. The Mind Tactics Intro  =  Rhymefest
  2. Salt Lake  =  Kaipo Kapua, Prophit, & Bladez White
  3. Ice Palace  =  Slo Mo
  4. Fix Up  =  Black Star
  5. Demigodz Is Back  =  The Demigodz
  6. ***Slapp Symphony Interview***
  7. L.O.V.E.  =  Kapio Kapua & C-Gutta
  8. ***Slapp Symphony Interview***
  9. Can’t Let Go  =  Sylen & Maryanne
  10. A Letter To Forever…  =  ill Libra
  11. Flip The Angry Bird  =  Angry Locals ft. Tassho Pearce
  12. Sweet  =  Common
  13. Tatoo Song  =  Eligh & Amp Live
  14. On My Briefcase  =  Samoan Dynasty
  15. Love vs. Life  =  Tassho Pearce ft. Kimo James
  16. Wake Up  =  Maryanne
  17. ***Slapp Symphony Interview***
  18. Thank You Lord  =  Leti Twins ft. Let-T-Let
  19. Cuban Link Kings  =  Capadonna
  20. Celebrate  =  Common
  21. ***Slapp Symphony Interview***
  22. Is This Love  =  Kimie Miner
  23. Play  =  Goapele
  24. Why Stop Now  =  Busta Rhymes ft. Chris Brown
  25. Angels & Demons  =  Immortal Technique
  26. Things I Could Never Say  =  Dice
  27. A DJ Saved My Life  =  Statik Selektah, ft. DJ Premiere, DJ Babu, Scram Jones, & Craze 



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