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MInd Tactics 06-11-11

A year ago this week we lost a brother in Hip Hop, Walter High Chief XL Saole.  Walt was one of the most down to earth, supportive and loving cats in our scene.  To loose him was a very huge blow to the Hawaii Hip Hop scene.  The memory of you big homey will never be forgotten.  Thank you for the gift of being a friend.  Miss you homey.

Walter "High Chief XL" Saole rockin it at Nextdoor

High Chief XL dedication by East3


Mind Tactics Intro  =  Rhymefest

Stand Up  =  KRS One

No Love  =  Wispers

Ask about Me  =  Prie

Dog Shit  =  Mobb Deep Ft. Nas

Feelin’ Myself  =  Pusha T ft Kevin Cossom

Marvin’s Room  =  Drake

She  =  Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean

All These Years  =  Kosha Dillz ft. Mojo Hanna

Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet  =  DJ Revolution Presents Malcolm and Martin

Make Up  =  Fortilive ft. Neenah

Love + Hate  =  Balance ft. Moe Green & J. David

That Ain’t Classy (Instrumental)  =  Classified

Walter High Chief XL Saole DEDICATION MIX  =  DJ Jimmy Taco

Afrika Bambaataa Dedication

Never Let Go  =  Aiga Family

Yeah  =  Aiga Family

Gravity  =  Aiga Family

Hero’s  =  Aiga Family

Love vs Life  =  Tassho Pearce ft. Kimo James

Lighters  =  Bad Meets Evil [Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″] ft. Bruno Mars

Kill Em  =  Ill Hill Society

Rollin Stoned  =  K-luv & PRO

Outro (Higher inst.  =   D.O.D)  =  DJ Jimmy Taco


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