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The Mind Tactics Show on 102.7 DA BOMB!!!!

So no matter how it went down, the show is now on KDDB 102.7 DA BOMB… We don’t need to go into details on why i left and moved the show here. The main thing is Hawaii still has a creative outlet for Hip Hop, and a VOICE.

This weeks show is dedicated to the life and work of Keith Elam, aka GIFTED UNLIMITED RHYMES UNIVERSAL, aka GURU, and aka BALD HEAD SLICK.  Who past away from cancer earlier this week.   Our love and blessings go out to the Elam family, and the entire Gang Starr foundation.  The show is also dedicated to a personal friend of mine.  DJ HIDEO…..  Dj Hideo is also fighting cancer.  You can check out the site and donate what you can to help his family.
Please treasure life, and all that we are blessed with.  Enjoy the show…

Myself & Guru from my 2007 interview



  1. Robin Hood Theory  =  Gang Starr
  2. Exgirl To The Next Girl  =  Gang Starr
  3. Bring It On (Remix)  =  N’Dea Davenport
  4. Intelligence (Guru Mix)  =  Soul II Soul
  5. Above The Clouds  =  Gang Starr
  6. Black Monday  =  Buckshot LeFonge
  7. Dough In Advance  =  Gang Starr
  8. Royalty  =  Gang Starr, K.C. & JoJo
  9. You Know My Steeze (RMX) =  Gang Starr
  10. Words I Manifest  =  Gang Starr
  11. Not Trying To Hear That  =  Prince Paul & Guru
  12. Be Like That  =  Group Home & Guru
  13. Respect The Architect  =  Guru
  14. Worst Comes To Worst (RMX)  =  Dilated Peoples & Guru
  15. Just To Get A Rep (Madlib RMX)  =  Gang Starr
  16. PLAYTAWIN  =  Gang Starr
  17. Sassy  =  Neneh Cherry  & Gang Starr
  18. The ? Remainz  =  Gang Starr
  19. The Peach Maker  =  Tony Touch & Gang Starr
  20. The Malitia  =  Gang Starr


  1. Skillz (Live)  =  Gang Starr
  2. What You Expected  =  DJ Honda & Guru
  3. Play That Beat  =  DJ Skribble & Guru
  4. Now Your Mine  =  Gang Starr
  5. Take It Personal  =  Gang Starr
  6. Battle  =  Gang Starr
  7. It’s Alright (Gang Starr RMX)  =  Lina & Gang Starr
  8. Trust Me (Funk Flex RMX)  =  Guru & N’Dea Davenport
  9. Code of The Street  =  Gang Starr
  10. Jazz Thing (Video mix)  =  Gang Starr
  11. B-Boy Mastermind  =  DJ Krush & Guru
  12. In Memory Of  =  Gang Starr
  13. Eulogy  =  Gang Starr


One Response to “The Mind Tactics Show on 102.7 DA BOMB!!!!”

  1. Would be stoked to DL this GURU mix, but the link takes me to a porn site LOL

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